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Shipping & Returns

Import tariffs: prices for our website is to include UK VAT. We ship to all countries on the basis of delivery of contraband, outside the EU. This means that people have local sales tax or import work may have to pay for the purchase of liability. can not be responsible for customs to confiscate be any object or pay any import duties. The receiver is responsible for the payment of liabilities. Non-payment of tariffs and products, and this is the reason why the shipment back to us, including our fees and expenses from the budget impose any case, back to our office. In this we have to pay the postage.

Slow Children: Our goal is to achieve international location intraday. The child may be delayed due to various reasons when you think you have the tradition, the first step is to ensure that you receive your e-mail tracking code. Sometimes the product may be delayed due to customs. Customer is responsible for providing the clearance of goods should be to ensure that all relevant information. If your product has left our warehouse, you think this is true, then send an e-mail, including e-mail your order number.

Customs: It is possible to determine which should be done by customs or corn, export-dependent country - unfortunately, this is beyond our control, we can not assume the responsibility for the delay.

cancel Order

In any case, your decision to choose which country is set to a different time limits:

UK next day to complete 15 minutes after the delivery of your order.

All other countries to complete 30 minutes after you order.

UK distance selling you have to cancel your order and receive a full refund policy. For those "waiting for the decision to cancel the order for the release. Please place an order, please contact us as soon as possible. If your order is shipped, please contact us for details.

return policy

You can exchange or return the product within seven days of receipt of their purchase online. Use our free services, we will pick them up from your location. All return or exchange items must be unused and in its original condition, additional product label. If the purchased items include branded box, which is to be returned.

Please note that the sale of goods not eligible for funding.


Packaging material (S) in the first secure

There in the back or back packing slip

1) Pre-stamped Fushun Feng DHL courier or by mail, parcels out

2) Please contact our customer service people to help you to return or exchange requests back. We prepare SF Express or DHL selected items from your location ()

3) online shopping, global recovery will be shipped via DHL courier. If you want to use for your own mode of transport, the customer will all responsibility for its repayment, and we are not responsible for those not on our warehouse trucks (S). You must prepay shipping back and forth, because we can not accept delivery (COD) in cash. For your safety, have the prepaid return label from finding information.


For the exchange of different sizes according to the questions. If so, we will inventory, so you when we get back as soon as possible of the original project. Shipping, taxes and the exchange rate of the employees will not be charged after the first delivery.